Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Papers, Please

The summer before Rob was to enter the 8th grade, we asked him to think about where he wanted to go to high school.  His application to the school or schools of his choice needed to be in by October. The public school in the area had a very poor reputation, and Rob knew he didn't want to go there. However, we knew that if he chose a parochial or private school we would have difficulty paying for tuition.  We didn't want to discourage Rob, but Larry and I were concerned about what to do. 

We were advised to pray that God would place in his heart the desire for the school that he, God, wanted Rob to go to, and then pray for the provisions for it. It was soon September and Rob still was not sure where he wanted to go to school the next year.  Finally, in mid-September, he decided he wanted to go to Archbishop Curley High School, which was within walking distance from our house.  The tuition there was $750 per year, very inexpensive by today's standards, but beyond our means at that time.  We continued to pray for God's provision. 

Two weeks later, Rob was offered a paper route making $700 a year delivering the morning papers, and if he began right away, he would have most of his first year's tuition by the time he started at Curley. Rob took the job and worked it for several years, getting up at 3 every morning to deliver the papers.  On school days, he'd come back in at 5, eat breakfast, and go back to bed until 7:30, then up and off to school.  It was difficult for him, but we were proud of his endeavors.  Rob did graduate from Curley, and he seemed to have enjoyed his days there.

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