Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Accidents, Please, We're British

One summer night in 1976, while Dr. Alan Hassey (above) of Skipton, England and his fiancee (now wife) Liz were staying with us, Liz was awakened during the night. She sat up in bed not knowing why she had awoken, since she is a very sound sleeper. She looked around the room and listened to what might have awakened her.  Did someone call her?  She looked to her left, and on her pillow was a tack that had fallen out of the bulletin board that was over her bed and was laying with the point straight up. If she had rolled over, the tack would have stuck in her face, possibly her eye. We all were aware of God's intervention that night. At meal time, we would pray for God's protection on all of us. Thank you, Lord, for your protection then, and in the next story that happened later that same summer.

Alan had an internship as a med student at Johns Hopkins Hospital, while Liz was babysitting for a doctor who worked there.  They were with us for about three months, during which Mary and Paul slept in the basement.  Rob and Alan slept in the back bedroom, and Liz and Anne were in the middle bedroom. Thom was in the crib in our bedroom in the front of the house.

It was about 3 a.m. and Thom woke up crying.  I got up with him and was rocking him when I heard a whirring sound as Thom quieted down.  After he fell back to sleep, I went downstairs to investigate the s
ound. I found the electric can opener going around and around and it, the plug, and the outlet were very hot. God allowed Thom to awaken so I could hear the motor of the can opener, and He saved us from a fire. Thank you again, Lord!

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