Friday, January 13, 2012

Prayer And A Hairdo, Two Bits

When Mary was a senior in high school, she decided she would like to become a hairdresser.  She visited several different cosmetology schools and checked with several hairdressers. The Ron Thomas Cosmetology School was recommended, and Mary liked what she saw when she visited the school.  However, there was one drawback; Ron Thomas' school was located on Belair Road, and we were moving to the west side of town.

For most of her high school years, Mary had commuted from east Baltimore to west Baltimore through the Harbor Tunnel.  Now, it looked as if she was going to have to commute through the tunnel again, or live with her grandparents on the east side.  We began praying that God's will would be accomplished.

In July, several months after we had moved to west Baltimore, a representative from the Ron Thomas School called and advised Mary that they were opening a location that September on Liberty Road.  That was only a fifteen minute drive on the west side of town. Mary was able to stay at home, complete her schooling in cosmetology, and get her license. 
That branch of the Ron Thomas School closed the year after Mary completed her course, and for the next several years operated only on the east side of town until the entire school closed in 1995.  

Prayer does change things.  Mostly, prayer changes people.

(This story had a happy ending for Mary and us.  Sadly, it did not end that way for Ron Thomas and his wife.)

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