Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Off The Rack -- And The Street, Almost

I had received an invitation to my 25th high school reunion at Catholic High. I wanted something special and Larry said I could spend $30 for a dress.  That was a good bit then for me to spend. So, I went shopping.  

I looked and looked, but could not find anything I liked. I wanted a skirt and blazer. As I write this, I am aware I wanted what I used to wear in my high school days when I wasn't wearing my ugly green uniform. Yet, I was open to buying a dress. It seemed to me that year the dresses were not very flattering, and I didn't like the way they looked on me.

It was two days before the reunion and I still had no outfit. I realized I had not prayed about the clothes. As I began to pray, a thought came that maybe I should give $20 of the $30 away. I asked Larry what he thought of the idea, since it seemed like a reckless thing to do. He agreed I should give the $20 away.

The next day I was walking on Belair Road when a van for the Goodwill Store pulled up. The men then rolled out some racks, and right there on the street I saw a dark green blazer and a red and green plaid skirt.  I went into the store and waited for the racks to come in. The blazer and skirt were my size and were in great condition. I also found a blouse and a pair of shoes - all for $10. I felt like a million dollars in my Goodwill outfit, and I had a great time at my reunion.

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