Monday, January 30, 2012

"You Are Being Looked After And Cared For"

My brother-in-law Sam Deramo had gone to be with the Lord on December 1, 1991.  He was only 47.  Lots of people mourned his loss besides his wife, daughters, relatives, and friends.  Sam was an accountant, a real estate agent, a tax consultant, and financial counselor to many people, including Larry and me.

About a year after Sam's death, I was worried about our financial situation, what with tuition for Thom and Phil and other money concerns.  One night I had gone to bed fretting about the money and where it was to come from and was having difficulty getting to sleep.  I thought I was going to have to go in to take a bath, as the warm water often relaxed me enough to go to sleep.  I must have fallen asleep and began to dream that I had gotten into the bathtub and was soaking and relaxing when I saw a very bright light coming from our bedroom.  It was so bright in fact that it made the room look as if the noonday sun was shining in the windows at night.  I got out of the tub and wrapped in a towel to see what was going on. Where was that light coming from?  As I turned to go into the bedroom, Sam came out, but passed me by.  He did not look at me or speak to me. 

I was at first stunned, then as he proceeded down the steps, I began calling to him. "Sam, Sam."  He looked ethereal and still didn't seem to hear me. He went down another step or two, then turned around, looked me in the eye, and said, "You are being looked after and cared for," and then was gone. I began to call him loudly and found myself sitting up in my bed, putting on the light looking for him. Then I knew I had experienced a very vivid dream, the most vivid one I ever had.  At the same time, I knew in the dream I was given a message that God wanted me to hear. "You are being looked after and cared for."

These words I have repeated to myself often, and they bring me peace. Thank you, Lord, for your reassurance at a time that I really needed it. And thank you, Sam, for being the messenger in the dream.

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