Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Can't Go Home Again, But You Can Leave In Peace

We had our house at 3331 Dudley Avenue up for sale and wanted to move across town to the Catonsville area. We had friends living there, as well as my sister Phyllis.  At the time, all of these people belonged to the Charismatic covenant community of the Lamb of God, as did Larry and I.

There had been little or no activity for the safe of 3331 Dudley, and we were becoming discouraged. When we prayed together about the house, we asked God why we couldn't move. We sensed God saying, "Trust Me.  I am doing what is best for everyone, and if you knew all the circumstances as I do, you would agree with the delay. So thank you, and praise Me for My timing."

Not long after, Rob expressed his feelings about moving; he didn't want to move. He felt that 3331 was his life. He had no connection to the Catonsville area, and he had helped quite a bit with the repairs and remodeling of the house on Dudley Avenue. As he expressed himself, we realized that what he wanted was to leave his childhood behind, but not have it taken away from him.

The year before, he had enlisted in the Air Force and was due to leave home on Valentine's Day.  We planned a big going away party for the week before his departure.  Just prior to the party, a couple came through the house, liked it, and signed a contract. Rob was able to leave Dudley before we showed any signs of moving, which we did on April 11th.  

He would serve in the Air Force for the next 24 years.

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